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Witch Hunter Garrik's Encyclopedia of Horrible Things:
The Barrier Daemon: Named so because of its residence within any and all of the walls, roofs, and floors of a specific structure. It exists exclusively within them and can only exit them partially and for limited amounts of time. It can be difficult to tell if a given structure houses a barrier daemon because they can spend multiple days at rest without showing themselves, and even when not at rest are reluctant to emerge from their barriers in the company of more than one, one victim being easily enough to sustain it for many days and more than one having the possibility of overwhelming it. On appearance: it is humanoid, but pathetically so. Its skin pale and sometimes translucent. Its arms, torso, and head terribly emaciated so as to make visible the movement of muscles and tendons beneath its skin (its legs are probably so too, but are very rarely seen). It is hairless, its eyes enormous and lidless, but sunken into its lumpy li
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Apprentice Radar by Leviathan762 Apprentice Radar :iconleviathan762:Leviathan762 0 3
Le Hedge
Figure marching
ever on the horizon.
Approaching me
but never breaching the arc
Silhouetted by
the foreign moon,
a waxing gibbous,
from who knows where?
Its reflected light,
sneering at me,
not of our red sun's,
or any known.
Rather the color
of perplexion.
I can sense
rather than feel
his giant mouth
just to utter,
without shame,
Oh horror!
Please don't eat me
Tay Zonday!
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In the Navy by Leviathan762 In the Navy :iconleviathan762:Leviathan762 0 3 Did WMP Just Convert? by Leviathan762 Did WMP Just Convert? :iconleviathan762:Leviathan762 0 8
Very Bad Habits
What exactly was going through my head when I pushed? I honestly have no idea. I can recall that Wince was bothering me at the time, but it isn't uncommon for the people I spend a lot of time with to bother me frequently and intensely, and so far Wince is the only one I've given to gravity's cruel means. Probably a better question is why I had invited Wince our for a six-pack in the first place, or why I had insisted that the cliff behind the chapel would be a good place to enjoy it.  I do remember the way he looked at me when I suggested that latter bit, as if he was trying to tell if I was kidding. In the way he always did, though, he would literally shake the expression off of his face and agree, then smile extra wide afterward as if to compensate for his previous doubt. It was a very pathetic habit of his to abandon his good judgement whenever it contradicted his social life. This is obviously not a flaw that Wince possesses (or possessed, rather) alone, though, which bri
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What have I done? by Leviathan762 What have I done? :iconleviathan762:Leviathan762 2 3
an Utterly Illucid Observation
There exists another world separated from ours by space and dimension, while connected to ours by force. This world is vast and varied in color, surface growth and formation. It is inhabited by only one race, humankind's twin, and for quite some time the people of this race were united in one global community. These people have been taught by the powerful and learned among them that the body, with its solid bones, powerful muscles, and tireless organs, is the holiest of heaven's creations. A person born with any aspect of bodily weakness is plainly unloved by the gods and is therefore undeserving of generosity or pity. They are also taught that combat, being the direct contest of the sum of abilities contained in each participating body, is the noblest of all persuits. The other virtues a person may possess, such as strength of intellect or emotion, are a dividing issue amongst these people. It is the belief of one group that intelligence and rationality are the only true virtues a str
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   Elliot usually found that the rocking of his lopsided wagon put him easily to sleep, but tonight his mind was restless and the metronome only added rhythm to his mental ramblings.  Looking up at the young night sky through his wagon's transparent dome, his thoughts were given celestial direction: from imagining shapes in the thin purple clouds to the mysterious red tint the moon had taken recently, which only he seemed to notice. From inventing and naming constellations to fancying himself one of the great old interstellar pioneers that had settled this and ever other fringe world.  These were not unusual thoughts for an imaginative and adventure-seeking young boy. They were, however, thoughts which he, who viewed himself not simply as a young boy but as his father's apprentice, would not but for sleeplessness and boredom allow himself to entertain.
   Inevitably, though, his thoughts always returned to the stranger he had encountere
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Out of Body Experience
The inertia faded much slower than it had come, so you could understand why I might have thought it was my own hands that I held in front of my eyes.  This misconception was quickly remedied as I drew the long black talons away from my face (which I was now starting to notice did not feel much like my own face either) and set them on the ground in front of me to gain some sense of balance.  My legs continued feeling empty and not completely there, but my hands, with their rapidly returning sensitivity, detected a faint rumble in the earth.  At last my eyes synchronized and my new rock-like black arms and the grey earth beneath them came into focus before me.  At last there was nothing else to do but look up and around and see where I had come to.
I got as far as step one and was glad that I was already on my knees, because the scene before me was, for lack of a better word, staggering.  The moon was rising ("A moon" I should say, for th
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Elliot Prower
United States
Current Residence: Arizona
Favourite genre of music: just not country
Favourite photographer: meh daddy
Favourite style of art: How can a person discriminate?
Operating System: Windows, wanna fight about it?
Shell of choice: Conch
First, watch this:…

Who's heard of Overgrowth?
It's a young RPG still in its alpha phase of production being made by a super-indie studio called Wolfire, which I love because it was created by one dude, his twin, and three of his friends. Their first game was Lugaru (…) and, though relatively low-tech and unpopular, was a damn gem. Now they're making Overgrowth, and this time it's for real.

Check some of the brand-new-never-before-seen technology that they're innovating for their new game:…
And some of their arts:…

Somebody explain to me how this won't be the greatest rpg ever made?

Best part:…
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  • Playing: Mount and Blade
  • Eating: 'za.
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